Benefits of Adult Education

An adult education program can provide many benefits, and not just academic ones. Taking adult education courses can have a tremendous positive impact on your employment prospects, in three ways. It can make you more marketable, it can lead to higher pay, and it can expand your options for where you choose to work. Let’s look at each of these.

Very Marketable

One of the benefits that your adult education program may offer is the opportunity to learn some very marketable skills. There are any number of courses you can take which can provide you with specific job skills which are in high demand. Vocational courses such as welding, nursing, medical assisting, dental assisting, machine operation, and many more, can lead to high paying careers right out of school. Even if you take only general education courses, you will still enhance your value to your current or future employer.

  • First, almost every position that you will encounter will require you to read, write, and perform some math. In fact, you may have to read employee handbooks, emails, memos, pamphlets, and other similar documents; write information about customer orders, notes, emails, letters, and other similar information; and determine the distance from one area to the next, calculate the appropriate amount of change to give a customer, calculate the total cost of a purchase, and perform other similar tasks. This means that you need some basic skills in order to perform the tasks that are common to almost every job that you might apply for, and the diploma or General Educational Development (GED) credential that an adult education program can help you earn is proof that you have these skills.
  • Secondly, most of the positions that you will encounter will require you to have some skills that are specific to the position that you are attempting to obtain. This is important because some employers are willing to train people on-the-job, but almost every employer would prefer to hire someone that already knows what they’re doing. This means that you may greatly increase your chances of getting a job, especially a technical job, if you learn the skills that you need for that job in an adult education program. For example, if you’ve always been interested in the medical field, but you do not have the time or the money to become a nurse or doctor, you may be able to find an adult education program that offers nursing assistant courses. This will allow you to learn some of the skills that you would typically learn on the job before you even apply for a position.

Earn Better Salary

Another great benefit is that you could well wind up making a better salary. Most employers are willing to pay you more when you get more education. Of course, if you’re not currently working now, and you’re having trouble finding a job because you don’t have a high school diploma, earning your GED can be the difference between staying unemployed and getting a decent job. For those who are already working, taking advanced courses can give you skills that will make you more valuable to your employer, or to other employers, leading to higher pay and better job offers. Having skills that are in demand is the best form of job security, as employers will want to hire you. Any opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills should be seen as an opportunity to give yourself a raise.

Qualified to Work Anywhere

How would you like to be able to move and not have to worry about finding a job? Well, with adult education, you can pick up skills that in demand, and when you’ve got these, you can work almost anywhere. Maybe where you live doesn’t really appeal to you, or there isn’t much employment available. Or maybe you’d like to move to be closer to friends or relatives, or to engage in some activity which isn’t practical where you live. Whatever your reasons for wanting to move, you’ll be much more successful in your new location if you have job skills that employers are looking for. Even if you have no desire to move at present, it’s nice to know that if you ever had to move, or wanted to, you could find a job right away because of the skills you’ve gained with adult education.